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"粉 " 得,享

豆腐爽® (DoFu Delight®)

香甜爽滑,四季,  日日鮮, 时时


制方法 (30 分钟左右即可)

制方法(1 到2 左右即可), 请点品名


杏仁撻   三色新地  日出  , 夏威夷     椰子波罗 玉泉 草莓香蕉新地 大家

     飯后爽一爽, 日日爽, 时时™         

                                                       豆腐爽®自己做的, 最合心意, 新鮮又好吃

欢迎你提供你的制法, 心得, 和大家共享。公司将依照你的意愿登 载或不登载你的姓名及联系。请注意, 所有提供的制方法, 将成為公共产。 简易食品公司保有全部有关发表及修改的力。所有提供的方法, 稿件恕不退还。來稿请电邮 recipes@jenyi.com (510-868-8776), 谢谢。

Disclaimer: Recipes provided here are for reference only. They were tested and believed to perform as described. Jen Yi Company will not guarantee results. No warranty expressed or implied is offered.  The preparations involve boiling water and handling hot liquid. Using the recipes is entirely at the users' own risk.

Note: DoFu Delight®, 豆腐爽®, Almon*DoFu® are registered trademarks for one or more products of Jen Yi Company, Inc. © 2006, Jen Yi Company, All rights reserved.